Sleepless, Homeless, and Giddy with Excitement

By: Melanie

The move is complete, our worldly belongings are in storage, and the house hunt is well underway. So far underway, in fact, that we may just have ourselves a new home. Another 24 hours or so should decide it. And my head is spinning. I awoke at 2:30am to the distressed whine of a pooch with a nasty stomach bug, but I stayed awake for the next hour and a half thinking about which china cabinet will go in the dining room and whether E's playroom will be in her bedroom or the basement and how to arrange the living room furniture...and on and on it went in the wee hours of the morning.

I am absolutely determined to make this new home an organized home, and our new lives organized lives. It is within reach - it's just a matter of clinging to that little green book as we unpack each and every box, and giving ourselves the time to do it properly, the first time.

We are about to leave the "Organize Your Move" phase behind and, for all intents and purposes, start the challenge anew. If there is just one piece of advice I want to give about the move itself that I really wish I had followed it's this: LABELS FACING OUT, PEOPLE. Labelling those boxes is key, but it's also the easy part. The most descriptive, neatly-written label in the world won't help you if it's facing the wall. This is particularly important if you're putting stuff in storage. Trust me. No matter how well you plan, you WILL forget something you really need in that storage unit that you will need to hunt for, like - for example - your checkbook. Labels facing out.

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