Good advice, especially when taken

By: Melanie

It occurred to me today that I read an absolutely invaluable piece of advice when preparing for the move. Unfortunately, remembering it when you are almost finished with the packing reduces its value greatly. Here it is:

For each room, designate one box an "Open First" box and put everything that you will need right away into it.

Brilliant. I hope you can use this for your next move.

Another piece of advice that I actually did manage to use was this:

Pack a suitcase for clothes, toiletries, etc. for each member of the family as though you're going on a vacation for three days. That way, you have everything you need handy.

Also brilliant. I'm glad I remembered this one in time.

On the bright side, I haven't packed the coffee maker yet. So at least I still have time to label one box "OPEN THIS FIRST, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!"

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