Under the wire

By: Melanie

This is probably one of the most important weeks in the challenge for me, and I have been putting it off like nobody's business. But I finally got down to it today and I want to shout from the rooftops: "I did it! The procrastination is over! I AM FILING!!!"

Okay, I'm not quite finished. I haven't done the final sweep to ensure that every slip of paper in this house has been corralled into its proper file, and every proper file into its very own folder, and every folder into its very own cabinet. Not yet. But I'm so close. You should see the box. It is a shadow of its former self. It's not completely empty mind you, that would be a miracle of miracles not so easily performed in the span of one child's afternoon nap. But I can report with authority that there is nothing remaining in the box that can be defined as being "paper-based". Wrist braces? Yes. A bow tie? You might find one in there. Random unidentified scraps of plastic? Plenty. But no paper. No-sir-ee.

I'm running low on time for the week, but with the remaining hours I have after the girl goes to sleep, I will take all of the files I have so painstakingly created today, perform a little fine-tuning of their contents and give them their very own new home inside two drawers of my fantastic IKEA cubby system that have been specially allocated for their use.

Then I will breathe a huge sigh of relief, drink a beer, and make a vow to put all paper products that enter this home in the future into one of these files or into the recycling bin. Period.

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