Who doesn't love a Top 10 list?

By: Melanie

During a brainstorming session that I had in an effort to prioritize my life, I came up with this gem of a list. You may be beginning to notice that this week has caused me a few more shoulder shrugs and eyebrow furrows than in previous weeks. I guess we all have our stumbling blocks. But at least there's a laugh or two along the way.

Top Ten Reasons to Get Out of Bed in the Morning

10. Someone has to make the coffee.
9. Elle wants the LIGHT ON! And some BLUEBERRIES, YOGURT AND PINEAPPLE. She'll WAIT HERE while I get it.
8. Ralph has to pee.
7. I can't reach the chocolate chips and peanut butter from here.
6. I don't want to be pulled out through the roof by the jaws of life when I tip the scales at 750lbs.
5. It's difficult to make the bed when I'm in it.
4. I need to have something to blog about.
3. It's embarrassing to Skype with bedhead.
2. I hate getting crumbs in the sheets.
1. Because I can.

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