A Work in Progress

By: Melanie 

While embarking on a new challenge each week, I have been making adjustments to previous weeks as I go along. 

Do any of you have small children? And of those who do, did anyone giggle to themselves when I wrote ambitiously about cleaning a whole room in one day? Do those without kids realize what cleaning an entire room entails? Get out the broom to sweep. Find the dustpan. Get out the vacuum cleaner, empty the canister, plug in repeatedly after the cord gets stuck and rips the plug out. Get out all cleaning supplies required for washing the floors. Manage to wash an entire floor (even an impossibly small one) before the water gets cold. And all I've done is the floor. Forget it. Scrap the old schedule...sorry Mrs. Meyer. Maybe with 9 kids they somehow tie each other into one big knot that you can leave unattended, or maybe this fantastic schedule materialized once they all took off for school, but it doesn't work for me and my 20 month old ray of pure, but distracting, sunshine.

The new plan is to use (mostly) one method of cleaning per day. That means that there is only one set of cleaning equipment to get out and put back, and it will be easy to remember what I was doing when I get back to cleaning after the inevitable interruptions. It looks something like this:

Sunday: Rest (ideally)/Catch-up (realistically)
Monday: Laundry
Tuesday: Grocery shopping
Wednesday: Vacuuming and Sweeping
Thursday: Laundry and Wash floors
Friday: Dusting
Saturday: Clean bathroom and kitchen fixtures/appliances

Today I played catch-up, but I have to say that I'm happy with what I accomplished last week. One of my top priorities is staying in touch with loved ones, and I managed to make some phone calls, send some emails and I even used snail mail!

Onwards and upwards, I say. Next up, the real fun begins. This week I get to use file folders!

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