Week 3: The watermelon is disinfected, but I wouldn't eat it off of the floor if I were you.

By: Melanie

Do you ever have it happen that as soon as you comment on how well something is going, it all starts to fall apart?

Please see post entitled A Schedule to Keep.

It wasn't long after that post that things derailed a bit. I had planned to clean the living room on Friday. My convoluted thinking was that I was looking after a friend's daughter on Friday, so maybe Elle and Anabelle and I could "play" in the living room, and my playing would just be cleaning. Go ahead, I'm laughing at me too. Guess what? The living room didn't get cleaned. I started dusting...but didn't get far. Not the end of the world I guess. It just means that I have to take another look at this schedule I've created and do a little tweaking.

I tried to make up for things today. I cleaned the heck out of the kitchen, even organizing cupboards and shelves to minimize the number of times a day things come crashing down on my head. I also finished dusting the living room and painstakingly disinfected every playable surface, including all of the play food and utensils in the play kitchen, watermelon and all. I also managed to sweep the floors, but in lieu of vacuuming and washing the floors, I'm opting to use my last few minutes of productivity this evening to talk about not doing it. A good decision, I think.

Today Elle said "Mama cleaning!" for the first time in her life. I may not have completed all of the tasks on my list this week, but I can safely say that I did more cleaning this week than I have in a LONG time. And I'm pretty sure that at least my daughter is impressed with that.

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