Sometimes You Just Have to Make the Call

By:  Marca

Marca here.  Long time, no blog.  It is shameful.  I have not walked away from our challenge it has just been one of THOSE weeks.  You know the kind.  The ones where there is just not enough time, where too many things go wrong, where you can't keep up with all the events, activities, checklist items and obligations without dropping a ball...or two. 

Then comes the guilt.  Lots of guilt.  Guilt for all the things you can't get done or aren't giving proper attention.  Well, I decided guilt is overrated.  Sometimes, life is just that crazy.  It isn't worth feeling bad that you don't get to every item on your checklist or get in a blog entry.  Sometimes, it is about letting go rather than getting it together.   I know, it seems ridiculous, but sometimes, you have to just let those dishes sit in the sink without the guilt. 

Wait!  Don't leave!  Hear me out!  It is about surrendering to the chaos so that you can appreciate the more important moments.  I can be so obsessed with my to do lists and obligations, projects and activities surrounding me that I miss out on some pretty important moments.  And those important moments usually have to do with my incredible daughter.  She also doesn't let me get away with it for too long.  She lets me know when I need to refocus and let go. 

It happened this week.  It was one crazy week.  No blog time, no cleaning time, no playtime, no time.  Period.  So, when my daughter said we had been too busy and she began to take on my stress I sat down... and I made the call.  You see, we needed our house clean for some very important adoption visits.  It was. not. clean.  So, I did it.  I hit the red button.  I called and she answered.  "Hello!  This is merry Maids.  It's a beautiful day."  Indeed it was.  It was going to be a lot more beautiful and clean.

I told her I was phoning in an urgent distress call.  I needed emergency services ASAP.  Her happy tone she said she understood how it was sometimes and that they were there for me and would arrive tomorrow promptly at noon.

Promptly at noon they did arrive.  Two angels with cleaning supplies, vacuums, dusters, and trash bags.  I gave them a tour and they went straight to work.  It was life changing.  For those few hours, I was one step ahead of them putting things away and organizing so that they could get to the dirt of the matter.

Four and 1/2 hours later, the two wonderful women left me a card and a sweet note along with the wonderful cinnamon Merry Maids smell that told me life was beautiful and clean.

Guilt is overrated.  Trying to always do it all is also, overrated.  People, quality time, and letting go to get back to good stuff is definitely not overrated.

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