Coke is not it.

By: Melanie

Here's a tip for you. Coca-Cola does not get rid of rust in a bathtub. At least not in my bathtub. I have been hearing for years about how Coke gets rid of rust and I was really excited to test it out. Our bathtub - our whole bathroom, really - is in desperate need of an overhaul but, sadly, we are at the mercy of the landlord in this regard. So I've decided to take a few matters into my own hands. And I thought throwing a few Coke-soaked cotton balls (recommended by Mrs. Meyer) into the tub sounded like an easy fix.

Easy? Yes.
Fix? No.

I left them there for 7 hours. Nothing. Except a couple of brown stains that needed to be scrubbed away, and a lengthy explanation that had to be provided when said landlord stopped by to take a look at the bathroom and found little wet brown lumps littering the tub. Thanks for nothing, Coke. I don't even drink the stuff, so now I have 3/4 of a bottle of Coke taking up space in the fridge, mocking me with its uselessness.

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