Nothing but my pink rubber gloves and a smile

By: Melanie

When in doubt, buy a new book. That's my motto. We started Week 3 yesterday, and what could be more serendipitous than finding a fantastic book all about cleaning on our stoop sale adventure? For the bargain price of $1, I picked up Mrs. Meyer's Clean Home, after noticing that it had step-by-step instructions for what cleaning supplies to buy, how often to clean everything in your home, and even what days to do it. I'm the kind of girl who really needs to be spoon fed sometimes. Mrs. Meyer is my kind of lady!

This morning, after a rousing music class with my favorite toddler, we went shopping for cleaning supplies. If anything is going to get me motivated to clean - besides a brand new how-to book - it's a brand new bottle of beautifully scented all-purpose cleaner, a fluffy new sponge and a pair of fuschia rubber gloves. That's right. I take my excitement where I can get it.

It's just about bedtime here, but I can rest easy knowing that I've done both Ms. Berry and Mrs. Meyer proud today...not to mention myself. I have a cleaning schedule, I've checked off today's chores, my tub is sparkling, and there are chocolate chip cookies in the oven. I think I'm ready for my poodle skirt and pumps.

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