To DIY, or not to DIY?

By: Melanie

When one is furnishing and decorating a new home under strict financial constraints, the question of the Do It Yourself project inevitably comes up. My husband and I are not DIY-ers. We don't do it ourselves. We buy it. I personally love the idea of DIY, but I also love the idea of running a marathon, being a ballerina and living in the south of Spain. You see where I'm going with this.

Recently I've been perusing an assortment of home decor magazines and I've come to a few rather stark conclusions:

#1. I have expensive taste.
#2. I have wildly opposing ideas about how I want my house to look.
#3. I do not possess the talent and skill of an interior designer.

In light of these discouraging findings, I have begun to revisit the idea of DIY. If I can find a few fairly easy and convincingly not-cheesy looking projects in these magazines, it might just be worth my while to undertake one or two in an effort to save myself from a) applying for another department store credit card and/or b) sinking into a deep depression, surrounded by cardboard furniture.

So far, I've found an article about making an upholstered headboard out of a tartan blanket. I'm not a big fan of the tartan, but I like the idea of a plush corduroy or maybe a bright floral, if the rest of the room is fairly neutral. Too ambitious? I have also been tossing around the idea of fuzzy zebra print cushions to liven up our black and white dining room chairs. The fact is that there is no shortage of ways to cut corners and save a few bucks, but will I be happy with the results, or will I just glare angrily at my crappy creations and end up spending more by paying for both the project and the retail replacement of said project?

Any DIY success and/or horror stories out there to help nudge me in one direction or another?

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