The List

By: Melanie

As I mentioned in my last post, my husband and I are putting ourselves on a crash financial diet. No. More. Spending. When you're moving into a new home in a new city, that's a tall order. For a lot of people a new space is carte blanche to buy all new furniture, a new city offers the perfect excuse to embark on a credit card-bruising tour of the best restaurants in the area, and heck, the stress alone can account for all manner of regrettable impulse purchases. Not us. We're no strangers to being strangers. We've had more new spaces in the last four years than I hope to have ever again. We don't need to fall into that trap, we can do things differently. For once.

What follows is a list of things that we want, but that we will only purchase once we have saved up enough cash to do so. Please feel free to check up on us regularly to see if we're staying strong, or if we've buckled under the pressure of the I WANT IT ALL RIGHT NOW philosophy. And please, wish us luck.

A couch. We don't have any seating of any kind for a living room, so this will be one of our first purchases.

A BBQ. This will be tough, as we're moving in the heart of bbq season, but I really think we should get a couch first, no?

A guest bed. For now we have an inflatable queen sized air mattress, which is better than the floor.

A new bed. We've never purchased a new bed. It's time. Once we have a couch and a bbq, although it might beat out the guest bed.

Bed frame and night stands. The old mattress-on-the-floor combined with water-on-the-floor-to-be-inevitably-knocked-over phase has run its course.

Patio furniture. We'll probably get through this summer with two camping chairs and a donated lounge chair. It's a good thing the winters in Ottawa are long.

Outdoor playset. We're really hoping that the novelty of just having a backyard will keep the little one occupied for a few months before she realizes that it would be much cooler with her very own swing/monkey bars/treehouse.

TV. If only our unused TV had made it into the U-Haul, but space issues excluded it from the trip. And though our consciences are in no rush to flood our daughter with hours of brain-numbing garbage, it sure would be nice to watch a football game or a movie now and then.

These are the major items we're pining for at the moment. Rest assured that the list will grow longer as time goes on, and the order may change with our priorities. But now you have a basic idea of what to look for when you come to visit and demand to scan our credit card bills.

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