On the road again

By: Melanie


It happens to the best of us.

And while it sure throws a wrench into the organization of our current home, it opens up all kinds of potential for flexing our organizational muscle in other ways.

An organized move. Packing, purging, labelling, selling, unpacking...and creating a brand new organized space. It's daunting, but thrilling at the same time.

Yesterday we found out that our little family is moving to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada in June. We'll be leaving Brooklyn in just over five weeks. There is so much to do in this huge, wonderful city before then. But there is also much to be taken care of in this tiny apartment. Follow along as I skip ahead to Week 47: Organize Your Move and begin tackling one of life's most stressful events, one box at a time.

I found this website while surfing blindly for some help in getting started. I think it will be really valuable, particularly this list. I've already been able to check off a couple of things, and that's always good for motivation. There are many, many items yet to be checked, but I'm getting started early and I'm determined (for your sake as well as mine) to make this the most organized move we've ever had! And we've had a lot of moves.

Leaving Brooklyn will be sad. We've loved it here and we'll miss it. But I love the fact that we know we'll be in Ottawa for at least the next five years, and maybe a lot longer than that. A permanent move? Nothing is permanent, but this is close enough to make one ever-wandering mom very, very happy.

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