Frequent flier

By: Melanie

In the month of February, I have been at home for exactly four days. One of those being Elle's birthday. Being away from home makes it difficult to organize said home. No excuses. I'm doing this for me and, while I've made plenty of excuses to myself, I will not insult you with the obvious gaps in my rationalization.

On the upside, I did manage to organize my - ahem - mudroom. One day I hope to graduate to a grown-up house with all sorts of fancy grown-up rooms, but to attempt to demarcate any kind of additional "room" in the general vicinity of the entrance to our apartment is just plain laughable. Unless, of course, your use of the term mudroom (I can't even type the word without employing the sarcasm of italics) is a commentary on my abilities as a housekeeper. In that case, go right ahead and label any room you like as a mudroom and I'll gladly make a little sign to identify it as such.

Where was I going before I got all muddled anyway? Groan. Oh yes. I was patting myself on the back for completing the task from two weeks ago. And also, my living room (last week) is in pretty good shape, actually.

Well done, you. Now, what have you done for me lately? (That's our apartment speaking. It appears to have developed a scathing sarcastic streak, though I couldn't begin to guess from whom.)

Well, and if we're being totally honest here, nothing. Not a thing. I've thought about organizing. I've done a little mental self-flagellation and I've stared at the blog for what could amount to an hour or so. And today I feel really ready to tackle something big. HOWEVER...I'm leaving again tomorrow for four days and there is just too much to do. I need to pack, but in order to do that I must finish unpacking from the last trip. Thank goodness I managed to do laundry yesterday.

But I really wanted to talk to you. It's been shockingly long, and I fear you may have given up on us. We're still here. Some days we're hanging by a thread, but we're still hanging on. Here's a promise: When I get back on Sunday, I will walk in the front door with a detailed plan for a week that will be so jam packed with organization, it will make your head spin. Really. Don't believe me? That's okay. That just means that you'll be ever so much more impressed when I come through. I know I will be. So much so, that I've already planned a reward. Ice cream. A lot of it. With whipped cream, hot fudge AND a cherry. You go ahead and have some too. You've earned it.

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