A Beautiful Shelf!

By Marca

I feel like Blockbusters.  My mom loves to buy my daughter  DVD's and we have enough to fill shelves and shelves, but we don't have that kind of room.  So yes,  we have a lot of DVD's in our house.  Since we have been living out of suitcases over the last few years, we came up with a great system.  Out went the plastic space consuming jewel cases and in came the albums.  The only problem with that was that we never knew when a DVD was missing until we went searching for it.  Enter the label maker.  I love my label maker.  It feels good to label a container, a book, a box, or cd.  You feel like you have given something a place and well, it is just easier to locate and be put away.  It is wonderful when it comes to having kids.   My daughter loves to read the containers and find the proper one.  So, we labeled our albums of dvd's leaving space in the end of each one for the new ones that might join.  We have albums for G-girl and albums for us.  We have a separate one for the holidays and a little one to rotate cd's and dvd's through when traveling.  It has worked great.  Lately, however,  stacks of dvd's that haven't been returned to their proper pockets have crept up on the shelves and they have been gathering dust. 

So, this week, we took the challenge to locate all lost and loose dvd's and put them away.  Along with that was making a list of all the missing dvd's and labeling the new.  Not bad work.  It takes less time to put something back where it goes than to search high and low for it the next time you want it.

That brings me to books.  I love books.  My daughter loves books.  We have a system that is broken.  Big books and picture books on one shelf, chapter books and smaller on another, my books separated by genre and my husband's stacked beside his two reading spots.  Our crazy life lately seems to be reflected in every single crevice of home and our books have been crammed in haphazardly into whatever spot might hold them.  So, we went to work on organizing them.  Well, I hired help.  My daughter.  She likes to organize.  So, off she went to collect all the books and find their homes.  It feels good to sit down on a Sunday evening and look at my beautiful books shelves and entertainment area free of clutter. 

Here are some of my favorite books organizing and dvd albums.  I thought I would share them with you. 

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