Unexpected Holiday & Being Still

By Marca

We had no plans for the holidays. My husband had to work and so we made no plans for visitors and big parties or activities. It was to be a low key Christmas. It worked out well since we are attempting to save money and resources for our big trip to China this coming year.

Enter one official letter from the government for an adoption appointment. We had to head home to our place down south where my mom lives. With only a couple of days before Christmas we decided we had better stay. DH got the extra two days off and we took a 14 hour road trip. Enter one phone call from little sister. One call brought surrounding family heading our direction. In short, we had a big family Christmas complete with a tree quickly decorated, gifts madly purchased and wrapped and a big feast. Enter the snowstorm. Christmas morning brought a visit from Santa and a beautiful layer of freshly fallen snow. Snow continued falling all Christmas day making the chance for our departure the next day very unlikely. We entered Christmas night in a beautiful content stillness from the warmth family resting inside to the quiet cold snowy blanket outside. Being still is a good thing. Sometimes, we don't do it ourselves and we are forced into it. That beautiful snow that arrived that Christmas morning was a gentle hint that we could just be still. And so we were. For a whole week. That was the best and most unexpected Christmas gift of the year.

Perhaps this a good introduction to our Serenity Now this week.

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