$146.27 Worth of Organized Handbag

By Marca

A big pile of handbags were pulled out of my closet today. While away on holiday at our home down south, I was able to do a little organizing around there. I managed some cupboards, boxes and my handbag currently in use. My current handbag is not my favorite. It is deep. With depth comes great caverns of miscellaneous junk that build up and take up permanent residence. I won't even mention some of the items hidden away in there, but among those unmentionables were crayons, 4 chapsticks, receipts (sorry, "organize your receipts week"), a book I am not even reading now, my writing journal, a brush, a bow from my daughter's hair, ten hair rubber bands and gum. Lots of gum. The very best part about this cleaning up of the bottomless pit? I made money...or rediscovered a lot of cash. That is right. 5 metro cards with leftover money, a $25 Starbucks gift card I got WHEN I WAS STILL A FULL-TIME TEACHER (that's at least 2 years ago), a $75 J Crew gift card from my sister (I had been searching for that one for a couple of years), and $46.27 in roaming cash. Now, my handbag is pristine containing my wallet recently filled with new found giftcards and cash, my planner, my writing journal 2 chapsticks (go through it fast), my hand dandy receipt file from organize your receipts week and church keys. Beautiful.

What did I learn? I learned that if I can make over $100 just cleaning out my current bag I may have a lot more awaiting me the remaining handbags in the back of my closet. That brings us back to the pile of bags awaiting clean out and cash out this evening. Since we only just returned from our holiday, I am just catching up on the rest of those bags. Hoping it will be just a lucrative this evening!

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