Let's just call it an extended vacation

By: Melanie

You were starting to lose faith, weren't you? Well, never fear! Marca and I are back in the game! After several missed attempts at getting together for a power meeting about this challenge of ours, punctuated by various holidays, interview trips and other getaways, we both sort of let the whole thing slide there for a week or two. Mea culpa. I took it as an excuse to drop the ball until we could finally manage to coordinate our schedules and meet. But meet we did, yesterday, and we're both back to some sense of normalcy, with nothing but enthusiasm for banishing our clutter in 2011!

We have several exciting things planned for the blog, to keep you interested and to get you INVOLVED, but lets not put the cart before the horse. First things first. This week we're organizing our pets. Boy am I thankful I just have one, because he's a handful. Fortunately for him I organized his exercise regimen early on when I identified my guilt surrounding his neglect as one of my great energy drainers. As a result, he has been getting more frequent and longer walks, as well as much more affection from yours truly. Now we need to find fixes for a few other issues.

My biggest one is poop bags. This should be easy, but for years I've refused to pay money for a cute, compact little device that dispenses bags with ease and clips conveniently right on to the leash on the basis that I can get plastic bags for free. But you know what? One of these days the plastic bags that keep falling out on the floor when I open the cupboard door, or that surprise me with very inconveniently placed holes while I'm picking up the goods is going to send me right. over. the. edge. The $5 it probably costs for that little poop bag canister is worth it just to be able to hang on to my sanity for a little while longer. I'm going to buy one this week. Then we'll get Ralph's nails cut and schedule the next appoinment before we leave. Lastly, I'm going to set up a little doggy station right outside our apartment door. It will have everything I need when I take him out, including cloths to wipe him down when he gets all wet and muddy. I might even throw a bottle of hand sanitizer in there too - a tip that my brilliant friend Marca gave me to prevent the germs of New York City from padding across my living room floor on the bottom of Ralph's feet. Brilliant.

One side note...if you ever see me walking around with that cute little canister hanging off my belt - just shoot me.

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