Friday Clutter Challenge!

By: Melanie

Waaaay back at the beginning of this challenge, we talked about getting people on board with us by having our readers contribute their little successes every week. Well, it's time to get going! The Friday Clutter Challenge begins next Friday, and we want to hear from everyone about something you've done in the week to battle the clutter demons.

To give you an idea of what we're looking for, I went ahead and completed a Clutter Challenge of my own today. In the spirit of getting Ralph organized, Elle and I took Ralph to the pet store yesterday to get his leash outfitted with a brand new poop bag holder. I was so overjoyed by my purchase that I practically ran home to dispose of every plastic bag in sight. Of course, then I got distracted by something and only got as far as writing it down on my to-do list for today.

I meant to take a Before picture, but I got so excited that before I knew it I was tearing bags out of the cupboard like a woman possessed, so you'll have to settle for During and After, and you can use your imagination for the rest.

Here is my small, unassuming cupboard:

This is the outrageous pile of plastic extracted from its depths:

And this, my friends, is my brand new cupboard:

TA DA!!!

Now get thinking about what corners of your home could use a little decluttering, and come back Friday to share your success with us. There may even be a giveaway in it for you!

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