Going offline...eek!

By: Melanie

Just when I was trying to figure out how on earth I was going to complete this week's challenge, my husband (sort of) came to the rescue.

He's taking the computer away from me for 3. Whole. Days.

I'm not sure I can tell you the last time I was disconnected for three days. That's a very long time. It makes me a little nervous. What if I need the internet for, say, an emergency bill payment? To look up where/when the various activities are that I've planned over the next few days? I completely rely on that little box to do just about everything. I keep in touch with it, I waste time with it, I use it to look up everything from the weather to what temperature to set the oven to. Correction: I'm a lot nervous. But I've wandered away from the point here...

The good news is that my time has just been significantly freed up for the purposes of Toy Organization! There will be no blog posts, little to no novel editing, and certainly no catching up on replying to emails. But if every single toy in this apartment isn't exactly where it should be by the time the Jeff and the laptop walk through the door on Saturday afternoon, then I'll be mighty disappointed in myself. And you should be too.

See you in three days!

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