By: Melanie

It's amazing what you can get accomplished when there are no electronic distractions to...well...distract you. I am proud to say that my daughter's toys are officially organized! No thanks to my daughter, I might add. I'm just saying, she's cute and everything. And she's great at her own special brand of "reorganization", but her skills don't really translate well to most grown-up definitions of "order".

I have two boxes of toys to give away or sell sitting in the hallway, waiting for the world wide web to return to my fingertips so I can advertise them.

I have three rooms in the house that are completely clear of toys and toy-related items.

I have a living room that is starting to look more like a living room and less like a communal playroom for a condo full of kids.

And...it didn't cost me a cent in organization supplies. I managed to use only the items that I've picked up gradually at stoop sales and on curbs.

Ah, it feels good to drop a toy into its appropriate spot without trying to prevent five other toys from toppling to the ground. Now, if only I could get Elle to put everything back exactly where she found it...what week do we tackle Organizing Your Toddler's Behavior???

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