Well, that was easy!

By: Melanie

Finally, a challenge that I can whip through without batting an eyelash. Newspapers, you say? I don't have time for current events. Magazines? Too expensive. I have a select pile of magazines that, if you can believe it, already have their very own bankers box to contain them, and are sitting politely on a shelf in my desk. When the box gets stuffed, I weed out. I recently got rid of the 2009 IKEA to accommodate the 2010 edition. I also got rid of a summer issue of Canadian Living. The rest I refuse to part with, though they may be out of date. There is a September issue of Rachael Ray Everyday, from which I use recipes on a weekly basis. There's an Elle magazine from Grandma Leslie that I'm keeping for sentimental reasons. There's the IKEA catalogue, but I've purged the Victoria's Secret, Land's End and Williams Sonoma mags as dangerous temptations. And there are a couple of parenting magazines because I can use all the help I can get.

I'm proud of my lack of magazine addiction. It's one of the only paper-related things I have control over. Challenge complete, and it's only Wednesday!

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