Scheduling success! ...and failure

By: Melanie

I knew it was going to be tricky. I even planned ahead. But you just can't plan a toddler's mood.

We had a busy Thursday lined up. A gym class at 10am, a stop on the way to pick up a used car seat, and a doctor's appointment across town at 12:45. The plan involved walking the husband to work at 8:15 to get Ralph's exercise in, as we have been doing for the last week or so, then be home in time to finish getting ready and to leave the house by 9:20. Plenty of time. I had packed the diaper bag the night before and snacks were prepared and waiting patiently in the fridge. I had double checked my online schedule, to do list and grocery list, and printed copies to take with us. I even got up early to get myself ready before the girl woke up. What went wrong?

It all started at 3am, when Elle seemed to be under the impression that it was morning. She was standing in her crib, blanket in hand, calling my name and announcing "All done!". Hm. Long - painfully long - story short, she went back to sleep after 2 hours, 2 parents, 1 diaper change, 1 drink of water, a couple of threats and 1 mom asleep on the floor beside the crib. And she didn't wake up until 8:30. My beautiful plan. Foiled by someone who can't even use the bathroom by herself.

I know what you're thinking. I should have woken her up. Maybe. But there are certain things you just have to make rules about and stick to 'em. One of mine is NEVER WAKE THE BABY. It's not always convenient, but nine times out of ten it works out for the best. 

Anyhoo, she woke up late, we scrambled to get out of the house, and Ralph had to settle for a courtyard pee instead of a walk. Then, on the way home, she decided to turn up the cranky dial and we had a second scramble to get out of the house again for the doctor's appointment. Courtyard pees for Ralph = 2. Walks = 0. 

I guess I shouldn't expect perfection. Some days things just don't work out. The good news is that I did manage to give him a half hour walk last night before passing out from sheer exhaustion, and hopefully we'll get back on track today. The schedule is wide open, so there should be plenty of opportunity. If all goes as planned...

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