Our School Starts with a Walk in the Park

By: Marca

School starts tomorrow here at our house.  Literally.  I home school.  I admit it freely.  I love it.  My daughter loves it.  Every year, I evaluate whether to do it again, whether now is the time to walk her to her first day in a bigger classroom and pass the torch to another teacher.  I love schools.  I am not anti schoolrooms with desks and bells, lunch hours and recesses.  I am an educator who is taking time off from teaching other parents' kids to teaching my own.  I don't know it all just because I have the degree behind my name.  It helps being a teacher, but I learn everyday from incredible parents who are teaching their children at home.  How do I teach?  It is not much different than visiting my classroom.  I want my daughter to really love learning... to find no limitations on what she can imagine and learn.  It's about experiencing.  Journeys are experiences in learning.  And where will our journey take us tomorrow?  A walk in the park.  To experience, observe, relax and really enjoy the process of learning.

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