If I just stopped reading we wouldn't have this problem.

By: Melanie

This is a photo I took a while ago of the mass of books I've accumulated from stoops sales and curbs while in New York. And this is how they remain. I do have a bit of a system. I take a book from this pile in my bedroom to read, and when I'm finished with it I put it on a shelf in the living room. At least I've separated read from unread! But I can do better.

As for CDs and DVDs, we don't have a lot, but we do have some and I'm pretty sure that not a single one is labelled. Which means that whenever I find a stray CD, I look at it curiously for a minute or two before putting it down absent-mindedly, with no concern for where it ends up. That will make the job of rounding them all up a tad more challenging, but once I do I'm going to sit down with the laptop and will not rest until each one is labelled...or until Elle wakes up and demands my attention.

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