What the heck just happened?!

By: Melanie

Oh, right. Life. Pesky little thing.

One minute I was staring with glee at my Inbox with one little message in it, and the next minute it's a week and half later and I don't even know what I'm supposed to be doing this week, let alone whether I ever took care of last week's challenge.


First major challenge disaster.

As it turns out, I'm supposed to be organizing Elle's toys this week. This is one task that I need a whole week for, not the four days that are left of this one. Yikes! I'm under the gun here. But I'm motivated and I'm going to do my best. Elle's toys are currently being housed in every room of this house. Yes, every room. I'd like to narrow that down to, say, two rooms. That seems reasonable. I'd also like to take as many of them as possible and make them unseen to the naked eye, and yet within easy grabbing distance for my busy toddler. Doable? I'm a little less than confident about the magnitude of this task. But I'm going to give it my best shot.

Besides, I wrote a book in 30 days. I can do anything!

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