Crafty indeed

By: Melanie

I think I've been rather crafty in coming up with a crafty way to spend my week. I don't craft. I generally like the idea of it, but haven't really gotten into the usual suspects like scrapbooking or knitting over the years. I do, however, have aspirations of unlocking my inner craft goddess for the benefit of my daughter. I envision us doing all sorts of crafty things together, giggling as we cover ourselves in fingerpaints and adorning the walls with our masterpieces. And with the Christmas season upon us, as well as a direct mandate from "the bible" of organization, what better time to get my craft on?

I love the idea of the 12 days of Christmas. One thing I've never really been sure of is when they start. Is Christmas Day day 12, or day 1, or somewhere in between? I like the idea of it being the last day. Also, I'm eager to get this thing started, so I'm going with the 15 Days of Christmas. There you go, I'm crafty already.

Elle and I (and sometimes Dada, when he's not at work or on a plane to some remote corner of the country) are going to celebrate the 15 Days of Christmas, Cowger Style. We are going to do one fun and festive thing every day, starting tomorrow. I've spent time this week scouring the internet and the neighbourhood for fun things for us to do. Here's what I've come up with:

Day 1: Buy Christmas tree and mistletoe for the apartment at the neighbourhood florist who has taxodermy reindeer in the front window that I've always wanted to visit but am afraid of the owner who stands in the door and glares at passersby.

Day 2: Spend the day baking for the instructors of Elle's various classes.

Day 3: Decorate the apartment and the tree.

Day 4: Christmas-themed art project at the Moomah Cafe in Manhattan.

Day 5: Celebrate another culture by going to a Hanukkah-themed story time.

Day 6: Decorate brown packing paper to use for Christmas wrapping.

Day 7: Donate clothes and food to a coat and food drive.

Day 8: Go to Macy's for a picture with Santa and visit the tree at Rockafeller Center.

Day 9: Complete top secret crafty project...oooh, the suspense.

Day 10: Read The Grinch Who Stole Christmas (Dada's favourite Christmas story) and make reindeer out of aluminum foil.

Day 11: Go for a walk around a neighbourhood with lots of Christmas decorations.

Day 12: Drink eggnog and sing Christmas Carols on the stoop.

Day 13: Get all dressed up in festive garb and take a cheesy family photo.

Day 14: Read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas and bake gingerbread men. Leave some out for Santa, of course.

Day 15: Christmas Day! Make origami Christmas ornaments from the gift wrap that hasn't been completely shredded in the gift opening frenzy.

I like what I've come up with. Of course, the exact order may change, and I'm open to last-minute things that grab us, so I'd love to hear some ideas. We've gotten off to a little bit of a late start by most standards, but we're about to make up for it in a big, festive way!



  1. (AMY)LOVE this!!! It's so wonderful to start these traditions early!

  2. Sounds wonderfully enchanting over there on 2nd. I love the origami ornaments on Christmas day. Very clever and creative! Sending love from 6th!