By: Melanie

I have ONE email in my inbox. One happy little email. It's happy because it has all the space in the world to run around, do somersaults, practice the can-can...and sitting there in all its glory it easily reminds me of the important information it contains. This way I have no choice but to look at it when I check my email tomorrow and say - "Oh! I have to mail that package today!" Something I likely would have forgotten about for weeks if it was buried in a pile of 389 emails (and maybe months if it had the unfortunate luck of finding its way into Marca's pre-challenge inbox!)

I also have 13 fairly content folders. That's more than I intended, but I discovered that specificity was important in divvying up saved emails. This list takes out all of the guesswork about whether I put my brother's current address in the Contact folder, or the Family folder, or the Pictures folder because the email he sent his address in also had cute pictures of my nieces...you can see how a girl gets confused in the face of such ambiguity. Yes, I'm happy with the number 13.

Also under control is that other email account I had mentioned. There are NO, I repeat, NO emails in my inbox, and only one wimpy little folder. That will do for now.

Yes, indeed, my email is under control. It feels good. Sigh.

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