Piles of Paper Projects

By Marca

You have them. Those paper monsters that you aren't ready to file. They may not even have a home or purpose in your filing cabinet. You know the ones. The projects you have been procrastinating. For me, it is always that pesky IHIP for home schooling, a medical form to fill out, a half planned children's program....There they sit without a home fed by additional notes and scraps of related papers until eventually, you don't even know the color of your desk anymore.

These are the papers that don't belong in a filing system, but still need order. I have the solution. I like pretty. I like color. I like humor. So, here is what I do:

1. I have a selection of beautiful and funny files ready when needed.
2. As I begin a new project or item that consists of its own stack of papers I create a temporary file. It is easy. I grab my handy dandy sticky notes (the pretty kind, of course) and stick a temp. label on the file.
3. I have a designated place for said files in a neat arrangement on the corner of my desk.
4. They are never out of sight, out of mind. They are there reminding me to get to them, but not filed away in the deep recesses of my beautiful before mentioned filing cabinet. In addition, when I am all finished, I can put them in their permanent home and clear a perfectly reusable file and check something off my project list.

I love this. It works for a lot of things from lesson plans I am in the middle of creating to bills to be paid to important things to mail.

Here are a few of my favorites. This first one, my mom just recently gave me. I love them. They are not the most beautiful files, but they say it how it really is. I have even thought of making my own clever additions. For example, I am thinking of creating a folder that has the title "Things Marca is Currently Nagging Matt to Finish, But Knows She Will Be Doing Them Anyway...." Just a little marital humor for you.  Just to keep you coming back for more I will post my favorite pretty files later.


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