By Marca

Oh, receipts.  After my prideful talk about filing the other week I have fallen - fallen far.  See here if you missed that boastful post.  I cannot claim I have anything on the organization of receipts.  Mine are everywhere.  Just for fun, I thought I would hunt for the top 10 places receipts I inadvertently tucked random receipts.

Top 10
#10:  Under my pillow:  2 receipts for book purchases from Barnes and Nobel tucked under pillow.
#9:  My coin purse:  5 receipts jammed in among the pennies that are bursting from its guts.  These gems all range from groceries to books to yes, that's right, the Bucks.
#8:  My make up bag:  How, you say?  I really am perplexed on this one. 
#7:  The pocket of my coat that is now at the cleaners with the receipts...still in the pockets.
#6:  My tea drawer (Yes, I have a tea drawer with about 20 teas...that confession for another day, thank you):  Why are there receipts here?  I don't know, they are mostly for expensive pizza from La Villa.   
#5: My daughter's room:  A receipt for Target and some shop I don't recall ever entering.  She is using them for drawing paper...(we believe in the other 3 R's, reuse, recycle, reyadayada...and the Target receipt took out a whole tree).
#4:  My shoe:  It's true.  There was one in my boot.  I just pulled it out the other day.
#3:  The bottom of my reusable cloth grocery bag:  There are so many receipts in there that they are beginning to take up too much space.  I actually did empty them out when the receipt from another local grocery was pulled out by my usual grocer who greets me everyday.  I was mortified, not by the fact that the receipts had to be removed to make room for the groceries, but because I was sure my grocer felt I was cheating on his establishment.
#2:  The Bathroom:  No, I don't recall why they might have found their way in there.

My husband's nightmares:  "All over the car door, all over your coat pocket, in every pocket of every purse, in every drawer of every room, everywhere....they're like rabbits and they multiply...I throw them away by the handfuls!"  That is an actual quote from my darling husband.  He actually tidies up at stoplights when driving.  Collecting receipts from our the gear shift and under the coin drawer and hands them to me.  I am sure he means for me to dispose of them, but I can't do that.  They need to be saved for future (way, way in the future) filing.  So, I just slip them into the passenger door pocket.  :)

Wow!  Confessing feels tremendously good.  I am reading over this and realizing, I may really have a problem....Well, I guess admitting one has a problem is the first step.  

Do you think we can just say that I have a problem and count that as my completion of goal #8?  
No?  Fine.  I have the solution.  Shopping.  I am going to get a pretty receipt file that will MAKE me want to file those little pieces of paper in its cute miniature files.  I will be back tomorrow with my finds!   

UPDATE:  Meet the Moleskine Pocket Memo

We are a perfect match!

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