Budget update

By: Melanie

For those of you who might have been concerned by my last post and are thinking of sending cash donations for my grocery expenses, you're sweet. But I have some good news. After a little recalculation (read: less money going to savings), we now have a whopping $60 a week to spend on groceries. And the even better news is that I have almost completed my grocery shopping for the week and it looks like I'll be coming in under budget! I have $8.12 left with which to buy an onion, some mint and bananas. No problem! That's even considering the fact that I misread the price on a bag of shrimp and paid $14 instead of $6. Oops.

The meal plan helps immensely with budgeting. I now take the cost of groceries into consideration when planning the meals, and stick stringently to the list in my hand. No more impulse buys. I am also completely boycotting several grocery stores that have exorbitant prices or carry only specialty brands. Goodbye Union Market, Hello C-Town! Thankfully, I can still frequent my favorite produce place, which has the remarkable combination of having exceptional produce and extremely reasonable prices, and is on the way home from the Y.

Last night we enjoyed this delicious meal, and also this week we will be having Coconut Mango Chicken with Black Beans and Spicy Shrimp with Creamed Spinach. Not bad for a family on a budget.

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