Avoidance conquered!

By: Melanie
Here it is. My very own collection of personal information for myself and my family, wrapped in a bow. I can hear the peanut gallery now. Is the bow really necessary? My answer to you is a question. Why shouldn't it be pretty?

There are three color-coded folders inside, one each for mama, dada and baby. I'm considering adding one for Ralph, but I'll need another folder. Besides, I still have two days left to tweak.

It's not a fireproof safety deposit box, as Ms. Berry recommends, but it'll have to do. There is not a lick of space in this apartment for another box, and there are so many things I'd rather spend my money on. Mind you, if one were to show up at a stoop sale...

Anyhow, it's just one more reason why it's a good idea to double-check that the coffee maker and the stove are turned off before walking out the door. Safety first.

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