Week 1: Making time for exercise

By: Melanie
How easy is it to come up with excuses to not exercise? Never mind the fact that I always enjoy working out while I'm doing it and I always feel great for hours afterwards. But man it's hard to convince myself to get around to working out. I just always feel drained, and the thought of getting some clothes together, getting to the gym, figuring out when is a good time for Elle and who will take care of her...well, I'd just much rather sit and stare at the wall.

But this is all part of the challenge, and staring at the wall is all part of the past. Yet another task in our first week is to make time to exercise. I had originally committed to finally testing out the childcare offered at the YMCA this week, but circumstances prevented it. No, really. I had a good excuse. But that doesn't mean I can't exercise. The hubby just took the girl out stoop sale-ing, and I'm about to do a little yoga and some targeted work on the old problem areas. Maybe a little on the new problem areas as well. And next week - for sure - Elle is going to hang out with the sitters at the Y while mama gets her run on...or her swim on...or maybe even her personal trainer on. Check me out.

In case you were wondering, Ralph did get his nails trimmed yesterday and weighed in at a shameful 68.4lbs. This morning we went for a nice long walk, and he's currently out for his second big walk of the day. Not bad for Week 1! So far...

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  1. (Amy here)Woman, you couldn't have problem areas if you TRIED. But, I commend your efforts! Great job :) I find that exercising GIVES me energy.