Week 1: Here we go!

By: Melanie

True Story:

Marca and Melanie are very good friends. Their husbands are in medical school together. They have impossibly beautiful and intelligent daughters. They share a passion for  books and writing. 

One day they were chatting away in a bookstore, and Marca mentioned that she had just found the most wonderful book. It was all about organization, and it was broken down into 52 weeks, and it was going to change her life. Melanie thought that was funny, as she had just ordered a book that sounded startlingly similar. Marca and Melanie had bought the same book on the same day...

...and an idea was born. It's just a few short weeks later and today we have taken our first tentative steps on the yellow brick road. There will be many obstacles, both physical and psychological, but together, with a little support and a steady stream of coffee, I know we can get there.

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