By: Marca

The minute my head hits the pillow my brain switches to worry mode. Everything I forgot to do or didn't have time to do starts running through my mind on repeat. All the calls I didn't make but needed to do add to my ritual evening worry. What is the most difficult part is that I can't do anything about it at this insane hour of the night since I am relatively sure that no one wants to hear from me at 12 AM.

Because it is on repeat I stay awake for hours tossing and turning, mulling things over in my head and usually instead of solving anything it all rolls into one huge insurmountable problem that I can't solve in the middle of the night. It becomes more than the few things I didn't do or have concerns about because I get less sleep which affects the start to the coming day which then affects how organized I am, which in turn affects the peace of mind I have and what I am able to accomplish. Then the whole ordeal again repeats itself.

So, I made a change a while ago. Lists. I love them anyway. I make them all the time. Sometimes, I make them on paper and sometimes, I make them in my head. I put a pad of paper by my bedside. Not just any scrap of paper either. It is beautiful paper. When I see it it beckons me to write on it. I love stationary and it is a pleasant experience for me to use it. So, here this beautiful stationary sits. And, instead of letting those things I can't control at 2 AM keep running in my mind on repeat I write them down, neatly, on my beautiful paper. I write down the "thing" and all the little bits about the "thing" that are running around in my thoughts along with what I need to do to take care of it. It doesn't take long. It isn't a journal entry. It is in list form. I take all the clutter out of my mind and I place it neatly and carefully on my paper. Then, I set it beside my bed and I let it go. I know it sounds crazy, but it works. It makes sense. In the morning I look at my list with fresh refreshed perspective I take care of matters. Sometimes, that means realizing it isn't worth taking care of. Sometimes, it takes care of itself. If it is something I need to do I write it on another list - that day's list of things to do - that sits in my kitchen. And then with great satisfaction I check it off.

This week is about organizing our minds and finding an inner peace. Getting those nagging tasks out of our minds and onto paper is a simple thing to do that can make a big difference. Not only does it help remind us of the things we need to do but it compartmentalizes them so that we can focus on the task at hand and not all those others that are waiting for us. While writing this entry a couple of important things came to mind. I am reaching for my day's list to write them down right now. Here are some great "list" papers to inspire you to get started on your own lists.

These two are from Expressionary. They allow you design your own, as well.

If you live in the city (NYC) perhaps you have visited Kate's Paperie? I love it. I love the smell of stationary and the beautiful visuals and textures of different paper. Here are a few faves from her site. Journals are great for bedside lists, as well.

Also at Kate's Paperie

I also try to get a lot of recycled paper or green friendly. Eco jot, a paper company out of Canada has some beautiful products.

A lot of these papers and journals can be expensive. I like to hit the sale baskets at local shops and grab from their bins of "so last month" designs. I also enjoy the discount I get at Barnes and N*oble. They have a great selection.

Those are a few places to get started. Enjoy!

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